about us

In 1982, a book store was established named Toko Buku Bally, located at Nagoya Lama, Jln. Imam Bonjol. Business began from a small area of retail shop which provides comprehensive range of stationery, textbook and sport equipment.

In 1986, the store was renamed as Ballyson Stationery & Sport. All operations were moved to a rented store just across the street at Holiday Hotel. At the same time, Ballyson Stationery & Sport began to supply office equipments to companies in Batam.

In 1990, it purchased 2 units of shop which then opened its second retail shop, located at Nagoya Business Centre. As time goes by, all operations in the rented store were slowly moved towards to the second retail shop at Nagoya Business Centre and was assigned to be the main retail store of Ballyson Stationery & Sport.

Since 1986 till present, the store has supplied office equipment to various companies in Batam, such as: Production Companies, Schools, Resorts and Hotels, as well as Shipyard Companies.

Presently, Ballyson Stationery & Sport was operated by 30staffs in a six units of four-storey store for retail and storage purpose. The store provides a one-stop shopping for customers, including small and big companies in all sectors.

Ballyson Stationery & Sport has been developing with trends in the market to present comprehensive range of stationery for customers.